Trusts as Beneficiaries of Retirement Benefits: Searching for Drafting Solutions

Exclusive On-Demand Webinar from Natalie Choate. With respect to several issues created by SECURE and the proposed Treasury regulations on RMDs, there is still great uncertainty about whether there are “general rules” that can be applied when drafting a trust to be named as beneficiary of retirement benefits….ideally, “boilerplate” clauses that work for “everybody.”  This webinar explores several of these conundrums, explains what is at stake with the particular concern, examines various proposed solutions, and TRIES to find a recommendation enabling drafters to move forward.

Choate on the CARES Act

Join Natalie Choate for a discussion of the new CARES Act, which impacts retirement benefits in two important ways—minimum distributions are “cancelled” for 2020, and special tax breaks are permitted for coronavirus-related distributions.

The Secure Act Decoded

Whether you are a Trusts & Estates attorney, an Elder Law attorney, a Special Needs Planner, a Financial Advisor, Tax Accountant or CPA, you’ll want to hear Natalie break down just what this means for your future and existing clients.