Retirement Benefits Planning

The most comprehensive book on planning for retirement benefits, to help you understand and navigate this complex subject.

Natalie Choate’s classic book has been an indispensable reference for estate planners since 1996.
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The 8th Edition

Informative video by author Natalie Choate detailing what’s new in the 8th Edition of Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits.


“Incidentally, I have found your book to be the most useful one on the subject I have found yet. It has made an extremely complex subject much easier to understand.”

William O. Allen, Esq.
Marcoux, Allen, Abbott, Schomer & Bower, PC., Jackson, MI


“I’m glad I made the investment in Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits. Having the technical knowledge that your book provides helps me stand apart from other planners, which helps in gaining referrals from CPAs and lawyers.”

Joseph Aiello, Financial Planner and Life Insurance Professional
Royal Oak, MI


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Tom Aiken


“Natalie Choate’s book, Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits is, in my opinion, the most complete and understandable book that has been written on this subject. It is a very nice resource for this area.”

Pat Agnew, Esq.


“Natalie Choate’s book is the best value I have seen in a long time. Ms. Choate summarizes matters beautifully.”

William R. Hayes
Dayton, OH


“Both your books are superb resources and no advanced estate planner should be without them (in my opinion).”

Mark D. Munson, Esq.
Drach Law Firm Wausau, WI


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Michael A. Nishkian
Long Beach, CA


“I have found your book Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits invaluable (as has most of the estate planning community nationwide – thank you!)”

Brad Richter, Esq.
New York, NY


“Our firm has copies of your two books, both of which we consult frequently for answers to questions relating to retirement plans and QPRTs.”

Robert G. Petix, Jr., Esq.
Boston, MA


“Usually it is very easy to find things through either the index or table of contents! Thank you so much for writing the book Life and Death… it is an easy to use and wonderful resource.”

Jayne E. Gardner, JD
Mayo Foundation, Rochester, MN


“Your Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits book has proven to be, perhaps, my most used resource—and I am very grateful that this publication exists.”

Thomas F. McGuire, Esq.
Arnstein & Lehr, LLP., Chicago, IL


“A client just left me a voice mail message with a question regarding IRA distribution from an estate of which he is executor. Your book made it possible for me to answer quickly and sound erudite in the process. I am most grateful!”

Smoky Hicks
Atlanta, GA


“In that one seldom gets the opportunity to correspond with an author I would like to take this opportunity and say that after considerable personal research and legal fees your book is by far the best investment I’ve made and has been helpful beyond description. It is the only coherent, organized source available and has made clear to me (but maybe not the attorneys) that there are a number of areas where there is no law and common practice and that at best chaos reigns.”

James C. Spinks, Realtor
Tulsa, OK


“This book is excellent and one every attorney who advises clients regarding their estate plan should have close at hand.”

Thomas C. Courtway, General Counsel
University of Central Arkansas, Conway, AR


“Thank you so much for your advice and your efforts in revising your book – most valuable reference!”

Eunha K. Thayer


“While I know not every so called IRA expert agrees with all your positions on everything, your book usually provides the answers and techniques I am looking for. Thanks for being a GREAT resource.”



“It really is the “Bible” of attorneys advising folks who have retirement accounts. When I’m trying to convince some recalcitrant institution to do what I want for a client, usually all I have to do is say, “Well, according to Choate’s book…” and I get what I want.””

H. Amos Goodall, Jr., CELA


“I have found your book very useful and informative”

Neil Richardson


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Deborah Wilson, RP Registered Paraplanner
Memphis, TN


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Richard L. Furry, Esq.
Dayton, OH


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Estate Planning Attorney
Chicago, Illinois


“I’ve definitely learned what I know from your book and other writings, like the “100+ best/worst Ideas” piece. I wish all legal education materials were as “applied”, written for the practitioner facing real clients, with examples and detailed table of contents, as yours.”

Lori, Attorney at Law
Durham, NC


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Irvine, CA


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Paula, Financial Advisor
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Florham Park, NJ